Robot Unicorn Attack 2

It is the new version of very famous game Robot Unicorn Attack. If you want true, you cant play it right here, because you can play this game on the developers website, but as the creators of this website are fans of this game, we want to describe the game and introduce to people again. So, here we start the information about the Coolest Game!

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

You probably know about the first part of this game? Don't you? Okay, than we have to introduce all the part of this game. Robot Unicorn Attack 2 is the continue part of the first version, where like all the animals, even Robot Unicorn tries to survive from the devil environment.


For playing the game, the game developers made several options. But the most suitable is to use Z for Jumping or Double Jumping and X for Dash. The game controls are very easy and can be played by all ages of people, even little babies can play it.


Difference from the previous version is the stage of playing. Here you will see different adventures and different characters which were not in the first version. This means, that it is truly new thing for you and for your Robot Unicorn... You need to Attack stars, if you want to have chance for winning life. The more and nicer you attack, the more chances you get from it.


new vehicles


So, the main idea of the game is to smash the stars, and get as much combo points as you can, this will help to more big points and survive from enemies. There are only three wishes for every player, so, take this in sight and wish the right things.

If you maintain on the long stars, it will give you large boosting scores, that will be more helpful. At last, if you complete these missions, you will became Dragon, which will be top thing of the game.

The game is really free

Yes, Thats right, the game is really free, but as i mentioned in the starting point, you should go to the developers website, to play it. You will see there some advertisements before starting playing of the game.


There is also very nice version on Facebook, and you can try it also. Good Luck!