Robot Unicorn Attack

I want to introduce you one of the best genres top game of the century. Everyone dreams about to see a magic unicorn and discover their living planet, because it's so beautiful and this idea sounds so awesome. Also, so many gamer are into robot fights and games with mechanical things, but what can be more cool, than an unicorn and robot together in one body? Robot Unicorn Attack gives you the opportunity to play with robot unicorn and do a crazy things, but you have to be careful and don't lose your head while playing, literally.

Adult Swim studio's developers were working so hard and finally create a whole new world, with parallel universe's animals and cute dolphins, so this game is more than a just reason of fun and actually gives you hard times to fight with robot unicorn and also listening amazing music, which is giving you ultimate motivation to keep playing. So many gamers all over the world are playing this game and their number are getting bigger after every week since the game release day. They are more than 70 million and you need a really hard work to get a better score than them. My best is 55 000, so try and beat us, if you can.

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Robot Unicorn Attack 2

Scenario of the Game

Robot Unicorn Attack main idea is easy to adopt. Magic unicorn needs to run his home, but the road is full of holes and also there are diamond walls, which is so strong to crush. But, your unicorn has an amazing magic ability to run with speed light, but only with few seconds, because that run is so devastating. So, your mission is to jump over these hills and besides, crush white diamonds with your Unicorn Attack.

The controls: Your unicorn is running automatically and you just need to press the jump button, which is Z. For Unicorn attack, you have to push X.

For playing the game, the game developers made several options. But the most suitable is to use Z for Jumping or Double Jumping and X for Dash. The game controls are very easy and can be played by all ages of people, even little babies can play

Gameplay And Graphics

Robot Unicorn Attack has most simple gameplay on its genres, but also that game's engine is so hard to beat and you need really high patience to win. This game implements is advanced on modern levels and it's like a high speed race, but also full of more entertaining things, like after 5000 points, while you are running at the speed of light, magic dolphins are appearing beside to cheering you and its so funny to watch. Also, Main mission is to don't crash into the walls and Giant diamonds.

new vehicles

In case of don't crash and keep running, you need to run over every little hill and smash white diamonds. For that, you need a magic unicorn attack run, which gives you power to crash things and also jump higher. Jumping in this game is the main point, because sometimes you need to jump higher than usual and sometimes you need to be patient and press jump button on the right time. For destroying diamonds, you get points and if you get them without left one, your points will be higher for every new diamond crush.

The graphics in this game are so awesome and colorful. This textures literally portrays a whole idea of the game, like there are so vibrant colors and psychedelic tone. Even an unicorn's hair and tail are so beautiful and while running, they are creating amazing shades, which is so stunning. Also, background of the map is so lovely and it's not a realistic, but who needs a real nature in the unicorn world, but every explosion and horses cut robot head looks really pragmatic. Every voice in this game is perfectly matched and the music in Robot Unicorn Attack are suiting your play very well.